Wednesday, September 28, 2005
title:{confessions of a parent}


Why is life so complicated? Specially mine!

I had a good life with minimal complaints about anything. I grew up being spoiled by my dad and practically got what I wanted. Life for me at that time was practically heaven! I could say that I was not a good person at that time basing on everybody’s standards but I thought I was just doing alright. You could say that I didn’t do harm to anybody at that time except to my parents for disobeying them. I was a simple pretty girl who fell prey to love and its consequences which made my parents miserable. Life for me at that time was just easy.

Now that I am a parent of teenage kids, life has changed for me! I can not understand why it has to change! Well I guess it seems that being a parent means being responsible for your children. Do you think that is right? When I was young I never thought or felt that my parents were responsible for me and it seems that was the reason it made things easier for me. They would just scold me and nag me about things they don’t want me to do but they would never talk to me!

Now I ask you, what should parents do to make teenage life like yours be easy?

Sunday, September 25, 2005
title:{FS: ipod mini and ps2}

guys im selling a sony ps2 model SCPH-50001, the
whole set.

-this was already modified to play pirated games
and has served us faithfully coz it never hangs.
-it comes complete with an online pack.
-plus 10 free pirated games :P
-im selling it for 10k negotiable.

-call or text 09165508496.
-or msg me here! :P

im also selling my ipod mini. 6 gigs, blue, comes with
the condom, and is in perfect condition. txt me ur
offers nlng thnx 09165508496

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
title:{trying it out!}

hahahahha! i was bored! and i mean - really bored! hahhaa...
naaliw ako, even if m not THAT good at it -kakaaliw! hahahahhaa.
i wanna learn tuloy! hahahhahahhaaha

Thursday, September 15, 2005
title:{i've waited for this for TOO long...}



baby kasi eh, tagal mo nang promise yun eh.. hahahaha

Again? Again?

next time with large fries na! :P

title:{finally got my phone!}

Got my phone today! hahahaha.. now lang eh noh?? tagal nang sira. hahaha!

thanx tita bes, tito bulit, and aisa! hahahahahhah!

*btw, the one in the pic is my cousin aisa!! :) after she got my phone from the cel repair shop! thnx!

title:{help? hehehhe}

i dunno if i did it ryt.. yung background here in my blogspot.. hahaha!

now, my sites too slow! and because its slow na, i wanna take it out na.. hahaha!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
title:{not a terrific start for me}

my profs pressuring me with my thesis... oh well, i cnt blame him... kasi naman wala pa ko mashado nagagawa.... but i know i can do it! i should! coz its my last chance.. for me to graduate this march!

i dnt know y m posting this.. i wana vent out cguro coz m not really having a terrific day..
i waited sa tindahan for an hour for my next class.
then paid for mufti day.
attended my class.
then waited for jv.
eh wala.
so umuwi na lang ako.
now, im waiting for him.
coz there's no lunch here....

title:{spongebob and myJave!}

funny, cute, or sick?:) hahahahahahhaha! kiddin baby!

this is LAFFTRIP!

look at spongebob's hands! parehas pa kay jave! hehehehhe

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
title:{my jave and me}

we've been through so much na. and yeah there were a lot of bumps on the road.. a lot! people makes mistakes, yeah.. we both know that na.. but these mistakes that were made were the ones that made us to what we are now. the mistakes before became lessons. and now... we'r stronger and happier.Ü this time it'll be better -coz we've grown coz of our experiences. we know now what to do. we've learned so much.
baby, thanks for still being there and believing in me ;)
*luv u* :D

my friendster testi for jave:

my baby! :D

we've really been thru a lot. i swear! and im really thankful for this guy coz he's really there for me after everything that happened. i know we love each other talaga coz even if there were times na we got lost, we still found our way back to each others arms (hahaa. ok, yeah cheesy!)

so why is jave so special, huh:
-coz he loves like he wont get hurt
-knows what he wants and goes for it
-never quits
-isnt afraid to be unique
-passionate about some things
-tries his best in everything
-a handyman! hahahaa
- and a whole lot more...
_u have to be with him and feel this aura he has eh..and ul really feel he's really someone special :P

*thanks for waking me up in my restless slumber, my princecharming! :D

i love u! :D

**sorry for the cheeziness, but i dnt believe u can write a testi from the heart to someone u love without being cheesy even a lil. hahaha!

title:{nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse anyos??}

ive been trying to do my thesis eh.. as in TRYING! ahahhaa well, lately im not in the mood kasi eh. so im stuck in the intro hhahahaha! im trying talaga but wala talagang pumapasok. pakonti konti lang nagagawa ko.

--well anyway, i was researching on it. since my topic is the portrayal of women in liquor print ads. one thing came into mind NAPOLEON QUINCE BRANDY! ahahhahaa.. the brandy with the tagline "nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse anyos?" ahhahaa.. their tagline so hilarious ahahhaa! and they keep on denying that its a double entendre! hah!! as if noh!:) obvious naman! deny deny pa!

anyway, i just wanna post the pix of their billboards! ahhahaa.. the frist pic is the original, the second pic is their billboard with a lesser controversial message! ahhaha pero lafftrip pa din eh! :)

ey, is the billboard still standing pa ba??

title:{scarlett fever - why?}

**forgive me for this post**(got this from cosmo's site eh)**
--wala lang, coz a lot of guys are so into scarlett johansson eh... napansin ko lang. tama ba?

Scarlett Fever BY HOLLY MILLEA

Scarlett Johansson is the kind of chick you can't blame your boyfriend for having a crush on. Everything about her‑- from the pinup girl platinum locks, to the bombshell body, to the deep, throaty voice ‑- exudes sexiness. But it's more than her timeless beauty and out-of-the-ordinary talent that makes her the ideal cover girl for Cosmo's 40th birthday issue: It's also her confidence and sophistication, which at times make her seem a lot older than she is (only 20!).

Scarlett's maturity no doubt has something to do with the fact that she's been acting professionally since she was 8 years old. She first caught our eye in 1998, when after losing the role in The Parent Trap to Lindsay Lohan, she was cast as a traumatized teen in The Horse Whisperer. After that, she continued to sidestep the teen-flick pigeonhole, opting instead to play more complex characters. The instinct paid off: Her performances in Girl with a Pearl Earring, Lost in Translation and A Love Song for Bobby Long all earned her Golden Globe nominations. This year, the actress has two polar-opposite flicks out: the sci-fi thriller The Island (released last summer), in which she plays a human clone, and the period comedy A Good Woman (an adaptation of an Oscar Wilde play), in theaters this month.

Scarlett's made some pretty darn good choices in her love life too. She's reportedly been linked with some of the hottest actors in Hollywood, including Jared Leto and, most recently, Josh Hartnett. But it hasn't all been wine and roses. Over lunch, the star dished to Cosmo about her worst relationship ever, the man she would like to ream out and her buried little secret...

title:{"Sleep is the best meditation."}

woke up at 1pm.
and 1pm class kO! hahaha
when i got home aroung 2:30pm- i slept again! woke up at 5:30pm!

OMG, i've been sleeping thw whole day!
di naman ako puyat or something..

Monday, September 12, 2005
title:{Look. Listen. Choose. Act.}

Look. Listen. Choose. Act.

title:{my REAL blog}

ey guys! :) i'm really addicted to multiply.. so why not check my accnt there.. and make one too! :P



My Photo
Location: the shire, Philippines

some fun/weird facts about me:
1.) I think i'm an Obssessive Compulsive person, or close to being one (but my room/stuff shows otherwise).
2.) I'm becoming claustrophobic (i think). coz i can't breathe when the MRT passes thru a tunnel
3.) I often sing "Love Me For A Reason" in the shower, i dunno why.
4.) For me, waking up at 11am is too early.
5.) And i only sleep before 3am when m not feeling well.
6.) I can't straight a glass of water or any kind of drink. Sip lang.
7.) So i can't down any tablets or capsules, except maybe those super tiny ones.
8.) I don't know how to ride the bike, lalo na to drive a car (but i would love to learn)
9.) I always wish i could teleport!
10.) I was addicted to coke (the drink ah), but now di na mashado.
11.) I imagine dirt floating in water when i drink it, thats why i prefer drinking juice instead
12.) I don't eat lechon, and i hate Mang Tomas.
13.) I hate suka!(the sawsawan).
14.) I'm allergic to chocolates! (not really allergic, but my throat itches sobra)
15.) When i was a kid, i used to make papak salt! yep, weird!
16.) I save the best for last

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