Monday, January 30, 2006
title:{my wednesday-birthday-wishlist =P}

hassle i was doing this post awhile ago, and my pc crashed!
everything i typed here--all gone.
it was almost finished already! sucks! haha!

anyway, my wednesday bday's coming up.
so i decided to make a wishlist.
even if it is unlikely that i'll get what i asked for! bwahahaha!
i'm turning 21 on feb1 and i dont think people will still give me gifts. haha!
and i'd rather receive cash instead! ahahhaha!

so here it goes..
my wishlist (from the over-the-top to the cheap thing i want)

1.) a digicam. preferrably a casio exilim (in memory of my old and broken digicam) so i won't have a hard time learning how to operate it.

2.) an ipod nano. i know it lacks memory but it's sleek and stylish. =P

3.) havaianas. preferrably the hot pink top havaianas. or the gold or brown one.
or you could do this:

Location: 2/F Glorietta 3

All Flip-Flops is the first retail store in the world to carry one hundred percent Havaianas merchandise. This Havaianas hub offers special and limited-edition collections along with exclusive promos for loyal customers.

Check out the 2006 Havaianas collection this holiday season!

Can't decide on the perfect pair for that special someone, surprise them with an All Flip Flops Gift Certificate so they can pick that perfect pair for themselves.

Find All Flip Flops at the Second Level of Glorietta 3 Ayala Center Makati.

*btw, my size is BRA 37/38
bwahahahaha! =P

4.) a yellow funky stylish bag. i saw one in terranova in galleria. this yellow bag with buddha beads as the handle. basta. nice =P

5.) chandelier earrings. if not, a funky earrings will do =P

6.) beads. necklace. bracelet. whatever. basta be sure its funky and unique enough. haha!

7.) a red hot bikini =P

from Wahine. (i think it's available in Rustans Makati)
though any bikini will do =P basta halter style. bwahahaha!

for ninang: there's a wahine shop in your area! *ehem* LOL
Bateau Bay Surf
101A Bateau Bay Rd Bateau Bay NSW 2261
02 4332 1157

8.) a conti's cake. either mango bravo or chocolate surprise. or whatever looks yummy.
CONTI'S Pastry Shop & Restaurant
61 President Avenue
B.F. Homes Commercial
Paranaque City
TEL +63.2.842.5265
CEL +63.917.844.5852

9.) fix my PC. or help me get it fixed. haha! =P. aba, if you know how to fix computers, do mine for free =P hahahahaha!

10.) sing me a happy birthday song. ON STAGE! =P LOL! demanding!

11.) cd. yep as in cd. as in songs ah. compilation ng mga fave songs ko. coz i'm using the diskman to play songs and i'm out of cd's to play. lahat nasa computer ko na sira and sounds or nasa ipod ni jave.

12.) a sweet happy birthday kiss and hug! :-* (for jave lang to. LOL!)

13.) a bottle of Absolut Kurant. or Tequila or whatever. para inumin natin. bwahahah! para Happy Birthday talaga! =P

14.) a helping hand - sa thesis ko! hahaha! =P

15.) a ride to ortigas (galleria) sometime this week. =P hahaha. i know, i'm pushing my wishlist too far!.. so what! kaya nga wish list eh.

16.) kikay stuff. lipgloss. blush. brushes. etc.

17.) belts. satin belts. normal belts. thick or thin. whatever. haha!

18.) a comment on my blog. or a testi in friendster. hahaha ayan. that's simple =P

19.) make me smile =)

20.) surpise me. kaw bahala. flowers? dinner/lunch at an exotic restaurant? or a roadtrip adventure? or whatever you have in mind.

21.) greet me a happy birthday =P that'll do. =)

Saturday, January 28, 2006
title:{the gorgeous Kate Hudson =)}

i'm not really a hardcore fan of her.
and i don't actually know anything about her.. just that she's goldie hawn's daughter.
but i enjoy watching her movies...

i so love her smile...

and the way she acts =)

she's so gorgeous right? =P

title:{i'm a water drinker now =)}

facts about drinking water

click the link and read how important it is to drink water. =)

haha! seems weird that I'm the one who advices people to drink water when everybody knows that i am so addicted to coca-cola. CORRECTION. WAS ADDICTED! =) hahahahaha. not anymore.

yup! you read that right. =P no more coca-colas for me. (actually meron pa rin pero bihira).
and this time i'm not craving for it anymore =) yey for me! =P

ok, so what made me realize the importance of water??

well, i was having my OJT in cosmo. and Claire asked me to research about the facts of water.
and so I did. and after I read those articles.
It hit me.
I need Water! =)

Thanks to Claire! LOL! =)

title:{post-it: Do My Thesis!}

i need to do my thesis na talaga!

my topic: the effect of women in liquor print ads to the male college students of SISC..
it's basically about the brandrecall of the respondents and the sales of the product as well in relation to the women endorsers of the liquor ad.

it's due on feb6 already!
i'm so lazy to do it lately coz my birthday's coming up and i just want to relax and enjoy the week.
too bad.
oh well.. better concentrate on my thesis na.

Friday, January 27, 2006
title:{relax-chillax with Norah Jones.}

what have i been listening to lately?

norah jones--feels like home =)

haha! and guess who own's the norah jones cd here. not me, but my mom or tito bob ba? ewan!
i really love listening to norah jones -relaxing =)
lalo na now that i'm stressed with OJT and thesis..
when i feel that my head's gonna explode with all the research and sleepless nights, i just play the norah jones cd and relax-chillax for awhile.

oldskul style nga eh- diskman pa! pero not earphones but yung speaker ng pc ko.
coz something's wrong with my pc's sounds eh. ewan ko ba!

Be Here To Love Me
by Norah Jones

I see conclusion in all this confusion of mine.
Though you and I both know it´s only the warm glow of wine
that´s got you to feeling this way
- but I don´t care, I want you to stay.

Just hold me and tell me you´ll be here to love me today.

Children are dancing, the gamblers all chancing their all.
Well, window´s accusing the door of abusing the wall.
But who cares what the nightwatchmen say;
the stage has been set for the play.

So just hold me and tell me you´ll be here to love me today.

The moon´s come and gone, but a few stars hang on to the sky.
The wind´s running free, but it ain´t up to me to ask why.
But the poets are demanding their pay
and they´ve left me with nothing to say.

Except hold me and tell me you´ll be here to love me today
Just hold me and tell me you´ll be here to love me today.
Just hold me and tell me you´ll be here to love me today

Wednesday, January 25, 2006
title:{The Jave Surprise =P}

funny..when jave walked into gourmet's palate in zapote around noon today, he was surprised....

....surprised to see me! =) hhahahaha!

earlier, i texted him that i was at work already, in summit media, in galleria.
but as I was texting him, i was actually on a tricycle on my way to gourmet's! =)

yep, he really believed I was at work. He had no clue Whatsoever.
..and I made sure He ate in Gourmet's, coz if not-- the surprise-->down the drain.
i texted him- "Buti ka pa makakakain sa Gourmets, ako sawa na sa foodcourt."
hahhaha! - The Power Of Suggestion! =P

I so wish I had a camera to capture his reaction when he saw me! hahahaha! panalo! =P

Sunday, January 22, 2006
title:{countdown to my wednesday birthday =P}

9 days, 8 hours, 36 minutes and 31 seconds to go until my BIRTHDAY! =)

hahaha may countdown pa eh. LOL!

dami ko nga gusto eh...

haha lahat ng gadgets! hahaha. pero over the top na yun. no budget for that.

so i'll settle for clothes, accessories, flipflops or whatever. hahahaha! KIKAY! =)
i might treat myself to those KIKAY stuff, if i have enough money =)
and maybe treat myself to the salon for either a manicure and pedicure or just a new harcut =)

though i really wanna eat out naman on my birthday. to one of my fave restaurants..
either Italiannis, Almon Marina or Cafe Breton. or whatever na parang ganun =)

i'll be 21 na on feb1. seems so fast. before i was making my mom kulit pa to have a party on my 18th bday! haha! and now i'll be 21 na! and i can surely say that i've matured a lot naman =)
dapat lang! i'm turning 21 and soon to be in the working scene na. =)

oh well. hope my wednesday birthday will turn out great! (kahit gitna ng week. haha)

*edited (01-24-06 1:55am):
dumagdag na yung mga gusto ko gawen on my bday...
inuman with friends pa pala!
and this time with bene friends din =)
coz i miss hanging out with them na!
i can't remember na nga the last time we had our inuman eh!
prob talaga is budget..

haha pinapacomplicate ko bday ko lalo!
napaisip ako,, the simpler the better ba?
should i stick to dinner with jave lang? and not na the inuman thingy?

Saturday, January 21, 2006
title:{Rumor Has It...}

"I'm not going to say I can't live with you. Because I can live without you... I just don't want to."

that line was taken from the movie "Rumor Has It.."

Jave and I watched it awhile ago.
it wasn't a great movie. not that funny and kinda boring.
i wouldnt recommend that you watch it.
but.... I LOVED IT! hahaha. weird ko =P

i didnt love it coz it was funny.. and not coz it has a gerat script or shots (coz hindi)
i loved it coz i can relate to it =P (not the whole story naman ah hahaha,coz the story's kinda weird)
basta some parts lang, i wont make kwento na coz baka u plan to watch it pa.

I can relate to the quote at the start of this blog. I can live without him pero i don't want to =P
plus there's this other line in the movie eh...
it's something like..
"It's not about what you do... but who you do it with."

I so can relate to that. haha!
I crave for adventure kasi, i easily get bored just watching tv at home, and I hate staying at home the whole day talaga.
and lately ko lang narealize that even though there are times that sa house lang kami ni Jave -we have fun! =P

title:{shuttle (diff. kinds of people and the liars)}

i've been riding the shuttle to makati from some time now (coz of my ojt nga).
and since the ride is so quiet and boring, napapansin ko yun mga tao dun.
there are different kinds of people there talaga..

1.) the hip assumptionista
2.) the businessman with his laptop and formal posture
3.) the typical filipino
4.) the foreigner
5.) the not so foreigner (the probinsyana looking who speaks english so fluently with accent pa)
6.) the manyakiz
7.) the sosy
8.) the trying to be sosy
9.) the average worker
10.) and me.... trying the world out for the 1st time =P
u hear lots of beeps and rings in the shuttle..
its coz most of the time they're off to makati to meet up with someone.

its funny nga coz whenever they get a call, and they are asked where they are na.
they say...
"i'm in skyway na." -- and we're still in sucat pa lang ah!
"5 mins i'm there na." -- but we still havent left mcdo sucat! LOL!

ewan ko ba why some Filipinos are like that! haha! (i know may natatamaan dyan) :P haha!
basta ako.. i tell them wherever I am na, para if ever ma-late ako, alam nila. coz nakakaasar ata magantay ah =P

i forgot to put here pa pala...
that when i ride the shuttle or the MRT or whatever public vehicle.. i get sad sometimes..
not for me... but for the man who stares blankly out the window, the woman who's teary eyed, and the driver who covers his sadness with a smile or a casual conversation to one of the pasaheros...
I can feel just by looking at them, that they're carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. I feel their sadness and lonliness. .
how I wish that you could make their lives easier..
..but I can't.. because I've got my own problems to face.
all i can do.. is give them a warm smile, and hope that it's enough to brighten up their day, even a little. =)

Thursday, January 19, 2006
title:{goodnight.. goodmorning.. whatever!}

my whole week's a mess! haha!
I planned to go to work early everyday this week. coz naghahabol nga ko sa time.

but this week, i dont know what forces are keeping me from going to work on time. LOL!

it's either i dont wake up sa alarm...
or get lost somewhere! bwahaha!
or both- on the same day!

its 5am.. and i'm still up.
and i have to wake up early tomorrow to go to work.
oh well.. i dont think i can force myself out of bed early tomorrow morning (I mean later,2 hours from now) LOL!
i guess i'll be late -AGAIN!

i should sleep now. coz i need to pass by school pa tomorrow morning before i go to work (which i doubt il be able to do) haha!

goodnight! =) .....or goodmorning! ..whatever.. haha!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

hassle noh pag nagexpect ka tapos.. wala.

haay.. oh well.

hirap naman to convince yourself not to expect anything.

dun nagsstart mga prob ng mga tao halos eh -expectations.

pag di naaabot yung expectations- away. or kung di away malulungkot yung isa.

Monday, January 16, 2006
title:{and the malas continues...}

yup! malas again today!

i woke up late. so di ko na naabutan yung shuttle sa bfhomes.
but ok lang, coz there's this shuttle service din naman in Mcdo Sucat.
BUT super strict ng shuttle nila, bawal magbaba sa MRT in buendia.
so bumaba ako near mandarin hotel pa.
and i decided to take a taxi to the MRT, coz lapit na nun, siguro mga 50pesos or less lang.
so i rode the taxi, told him sa MRT ng Buendia...

...Parang ang tagal and daming pasikotsikot..
i thought he was avoiding the traffic lang..
BUT NO.. haha! guess where the taxi took me....
LRT! hahaha. yes.. nabingi sha. hassle.

i took a look pa nga sa LRT, coz i was there na. and baka may way na LRT yung sasakyan papunta somewhere in Ortigas.
pero wala eh..
and super scary yung place. haha
hiwalay pa male and femaLe... so it must be really scary to ride dun lalo na if youre a girl.

di ko na nakayanan...
i took a taxi again.. pero now, i made sure he understood me—na sa MRT.

but then.... TRAFFIC! sobra.
the fare:100 pesos!
plus yung fare pa kanina. plus yung shuttle pa.
so... wala na ko money for LUNCH :(

oh well. goodluck to me! haha! sana di ako mahimatay or something.:)

Sunday, January 15, 2006
title:{new background =P}

changed my background here in my blogspot.
the previous one seemed so gloomy eh. parang nakakasad lalo.
so i changed it to the white version of it! =)
better na! =)


haha changed it again. di ko ma make up mind ko! bwahahaha! =P
pero di pa rin gloomy =)

Friday, January 13, 2006
title:{friday the 13th (malas nga) haha!}

there were a lot of kamalasans that happened
but for some reason, even if malas, today was fun! =)

want me to enumerate ng kamalasans?

1. when i was on the MRT on the way to work, nabitawan ko yung pole, and i nearly fell, buti na lang someone caught my fall.

2. Anton and I were at this yosi place in Galleria, I didnt realize that I was on the edge of the bench na, and I leaned back a little.. and.. yep.. u guessed it.. I fell! haha! kakahiya!

3. On our way back to the south, we stopped at this kwekwek and Balut place in Ayala MRT (Balut Eggspress). We were standing lang there, eating our kwekwek, tapos tinalsikan ako ni kuya"kwekwek" ng sweet and sour sauce!!! napunta sa hair ko!
one good thing about that incident was that i got 5pcs. of free kwekwek!
bad thing was they put suka in it! and i hate suka!
so i gave it to Anton instead =)

ocge, 3 lang yung malas.. but.. that's too much in one day pa rin!
i actually had fun today...and i dont know why!
pero super tiring yung day!
it's a friday night and i didnt go out! hahahaha! good thing the internet's back! =P

*edited: and nga pala, i just heard from a friend that full moon din tonyt!


my internet connection's down. hassle nga eh. it seems that the destiny cable guy cut our lines by mistake while cutting our neighbors cable connection. hassle talaga.

i'm at work now. Good thing this site isnt blocked! hahaha! sana pagkauwi ko ok na connection namin at home. haaay.

hassle din sa school. they told us that we have to finish 180 hours sa ojt by jan20!
and naka 80 pa lang ata ako!
100 hours in a week? ha! i doubt that's possible!
plus our thesis is due on the 2nd week of feb na!
and i still have to attend my classes!
yep.... it sucks!

sorry for my rantings =P

Monday, January 09, 2006
title:{My Fairytale Dream}

In my own fairytale dream,
you are the sword that slays the dragon..
the potion that vanquishes the witch..
And the kiss that awakens the Princess.

Without you..
This fairytale dream i have wouldn't be a dream at all,
but a never ending nightmare.
Thanks for the best fairytale a Princess could ever ask for! =P

i made that for my Jave =P
while i was riding the shuttle on the way home from work.

title:{first day work day-again}

it was my first time this year to go to work.
first time this year to commute na malayo.
grabe, i was like commuting for the 1st time ulit =P para akong lost and scared. haha!

the night before, i couldnt sleep.
i dont know if it's coz of my "excitement" or "anxiousness" of my 1st day to work "again"
OR just coz of the bitin beer i had earlier that night.
-slept around 2am, woke up 3am, and couldnt go back to sleep after that, around 6am pala nakatulog na ko then woke up 7am.
Haha! lack of sleep talaga!

at work, there werent much to do daw coz they were getting ready na for their trip to Bora.
yep... BORA! hahahaha. kaingget. =P
they'll leave tomorrow na and be back friday.
nicole left some stuff for me to do while they're gone =P

cool! =P
i think this is actually my first blog about work. haha!
before kasi i blogged about work in my journal (as in a written journal, a requirement for school kasi) but lately i'm so tamad na to write there.

Friday, January 06, 2006
title:{new year 2006 =P}

*click title for more newyear pix =P

as usual.. vanity pic with bea =P

tito bulit a.k.a papa bu =P

tito boy turned mulim! =P

both kulit titos wearing orange! haha! -pinagusapan? hmmm?

thumbs up from martz! =P

pats: "say hello to my little friend" (with a mexican accent pa!, mexican nga ba?)

ching, kat, and me with afro =P

cheers! =P we got our cousin to drink after 4 years of stopping!
haha! BI cousins! LOL!

ballesca cousins pic! =P with izel (our cousins bebe) =P

new year was fun!
too bad there's no sosy drinks like what we had in xmas.
we drank gin grapes lang! hahaha! cheap! =P
we were supposed to go to embassy or somewhere in makati after 12mn.
but we didnt have a ride pauwi (coz marts and pats are gonna sleep over somewhere)..
so we didnt go na. we stayed lang. but around 3am, ching's friends came over, and we tagged along sa kanila to innercircle and after went to PORCH!=P and tried the BOYBASTOS! =P
it wasnt actually bastos at all. haha! overated drink! =P
they said one glass and ur down. but nope =P still standing! =)

my new year could be better, but it was still fun! =P

title:{OC hits!}

OC as in Obssessive Compulsive not Orange County and that TV series. Haha! =P

My internet connection was down awhile ago...

to kill time...

i cleaned my CR! LOL! hahaha!
scrubbed the tiles, arranged my kikay stuff, and threw away things that i didn't need na.

and not only did i clean my CR but also my side table! haha! (if you've been to my room na, you know how dirty and magulo ng side table is) haha! =P

but now its CLEAN! =P yey!

Thursday, January 05, 2006
title:{WRU bby? hehe =P}

woke up late today, around 3:30pm..
there were no texts or ym msgs from jave.
normally kasi 2pm pa lang or earlier he msgs me, or arrives here lang at home.
but late na.. wala pa..

and naisip ko..
it's great that after nearly 4 years of our relationship, i still miss him, and i still long for him =P

havent talked to him since he left my house last night.
i know i know, kagabi lang naman pala! haha! but still... i miss him already =P haha!
and i'm worried din =P LOL!

it's 4:45pm and he's still not here...
oh wait.. i think i hear him na...
....or maybe not.. oh well.

title:{ribbons, wrappers and abubots =P}

i was wrapping presents kanina. with ribbons and all those ka-ekekan pa. haha!
my bed was covered with ribbons, wrappers, and abubots.

i bought kasi xmas presents for my half bro and sisters eh! =P
and i'm excited na to give it to them! =P
i wanna see the look on their faces sana. but i don't think i will coz they live so far pa (baras,rizal), so i might meet up with my dad na lang somewhere and sa kanya ko na lang bigay.

too bad i didnt have enough money to buy a present for my dad. :(
i don't think he'll mind coz i have presents naman for the lil kids eh. =P
and i can save up na lang and buy him a present on jan10 (his bday)
odba? one gift na lang for xmas and bday. haha!

i was touched nga coz my dad uses my gift for him last year (a clutchbag).
now, i can't think of anything to give him! hirap! ahaha. pag guy talaga hirap bigyan ng gift.
dibale, i still have naman til jan10 =P

now nga the gifts i wrapped kanina are in a baby blue cutsie plastic bag. nakaready lang =P
haha! excited eh! LOL!

Monday, January 02, 2006
title:{year 2005.-recap}

this is my first post this year =P

so i guess this better be a recap of what happened last year. :)

lets start with the unfortunate events:
1.) repeated my thesis lotsa times (til now di parin tapos)
2.) love problems (i dont wanna elaborate on that! haha!)-(they say that 2005 is a bad year for relationships.hmm.. kinda.)
*well, i dont remmeber na what happened to me pa. basta these two yung major prob sa year 2005.
3.) di natuloy ng bora (di pa ko nakakapunta. boohoo)
4.) a really really close friend and I?- not in good terms.


the good things?
1.) i've matured =P
2.) i've realized a lot of things about me =P
3.) gotten back together with jave! ♥♥♥ (plus our relationship got better) ♥♥♥
4.) i got to hang out with my dad madalas.
5.) i met my lil sister (yep! for the first time..and she's 3!)
6.) i got to see my half sister and brother-and they're big na! before babies pa!
7.) i've commuted! (and i see that as a good thing, coz i now know how to go to places-alone) =P
**basta lots pa!

all in all.. the year was ok. dami probs but i learned from it naman! =P
hope this year will be great! =P
and siguro naman this year,tuloy na talaga bora! =P


My Photo
Location: the shire, Philippines

some fun/weird facts about me:
1.) I think i'm an Obssessive Compulsive person, or close to being one (but my room/stuff shows otherwise).
2.) I'm becoming claustrophobic (i think). coz i can't breathe when the MRT passes thru a tunnel
3.) I often sing "Love Me For A Reason" in the shower, i dunno why.
4.) For me, waking up at 11am is too early.
5.) And i only sleep before 3am when m not feeling well.
6.) I can't straight a glass of water or any kind of drink. Sip lang.
7.) So i can't down any tablets or capsules, except maybe those super tiny ones.
8.) I don't know how to ride the bike, lalo na to drive a car (but i would love to learn)
9.) I always wish i could teleport!
10.) I was addicted to coke (the drink ah), but now di na mashado.
11.) I imagine dirt floating in water when i drink it, thats why i prefer drinking juice instead
12.) I don't eat lechon, and i hate Mang Tomas.
13.) I hate suka!(the sawsawan).
14.) I'm allergic to chocolates! (not really allergic, but my throat itches sobra)
15.) When i was a kid, i used to make papak salt! yep, weird!
16.) I save the best for last

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