Thursday, March 30, 2006
title:{Today's my Rest Day.}

I've been busy the whole week.
Yesterday I was in school from 10am til 7pm!
And I had a fever the night before.

but today....

It's my Rest Day!

I didn't even leave home.

Woke up at 1:30pm
Ate Lunch.
Checked everything online.
And watched the OC.

I deserve some rest.
Besides I can't work on my thesis coz tito Bob has the laptop and I don't have Microsoft Office installed here in my PC.
I'l work on it tonight siguro.
Coz there are some revisions pa, and I have to pass it tomorrow morning.

I'm off to watch the OC again! haha!
ciao! for now.. :-)

Monday, March 27, 2006
title:{Closed for Inventory.}

Went to San Beda Alabang this morning to research in their library.
"Closed for Inventory".


Called up Perpetual.
and.."Closed for Inventory" din daw sila.

Next week pa matatapos.

So I'm left with no choice but to try and find a thesis on the Internet..
and a Theory related to my study as well.

I've been searching for it last night pa, wala ako makita.
And i have to pass my thesis tomorrow morning na.

Sorry for my rantings. (again).
I'm just worried about my thesis.
and I'm having a really bad day.

title:{Last minute revisions.}

I'm sleepy na!
Super bigat na ng eyes ko!
Of all the nights naman.. why tonight pa? haha!
I have to pass my thesis tomorrow.
And I'm still not done... far from done actually!

I hope Bene (as in the school ah) allows me to research in their library tomorrow morning.
I need a thesis related to my study.
I can't find it in Southville, coz kami nga yung 1st batch to graduate-meaning 1st college to have thesis.
Hassle kasi, I thought ok na yung Thesis, but then last minute my Prof told me that I need to add more local thesis related to my study. Tsk.
Plus I need to find theories related also to my study. Mali na daw yung before coz of the revisions I made. Hassle.

Hay.. Oh well.

I thought I was done na.

a week and a few days to go before my Grad.
I HOPE I'LL BE ABLE TO GRADUATE! hahahahaha! :-)

My graduation dinner is all planned out na nga eh! haha
We'll be eating at Mingoys in ATC. :-)
Spanish..Yum! :-P
Can't wait na..
I know what I'll be ordering na nga eh.
Salpicao and Paella- the best! ;-)

Need to get this thesis done muna.
Ciao! ;-) --for now.

Friday, March 24, 2006
title:{My OJT's done!}

me, eva and jaja at Hinge Inquirer.

Jaja and me.

I'm done with my OJT. yey! =)
thesis na lang then I'm really done with school. haha!

I had my internship at Summit (Cosmo-Editorial) and Hinge (Tech Editorial). Long story kung bakit dalawa haha.

I had fun in both companies.
both were really different though.
kala ko nga same lang. but no. =)
I was asked to do different things.
Which is good :-)

I'm glad that my internship is over.
No more waking up early, walking from Mile Long to Landmark and commuting even when it's raining. (for now, til i become employed! haha).
But I'm kinda sad din.
I had to leave Hinge na.. (haha! sipsip!)
pero seryoso, coz tagal ko rin in Summit, pero sa Hinge ilang days lang. parang bitin :-)

Having my OJT in two publications had me thinking nga eh.
Do I wanna work there after grad?

Back in Highschool, I wanted to write talaga.
A friend and I was supposed to go to UST and take up Journalism.
We passed.
But my mom made me study in Southville na lang and take up Masscom, coz UST was scary daw.
My friend continued our plan. but after sometime, she transferred to The Manila Times School of Journalism. haha! at least Journalism pa din!
Ako naman in Southville, I forgot about Journalism na, and concentrated on Advertising (since most of our subject in Southville is somehow related to advertising or production).
So lately, coz I'm exposed to these magazine publications, I got interested again :-)
too bad I didn't take up writing/journalism classes.. too bad that I didn't have enough training for it.

Thursday, March 23, 2006
title:{I now sleep with the lights off.}

And no light comes into my room pa!
Like it's pitch black.
The only light is the lil Red light on the TV's power button.
I won't know if my eyes are open or not if I look away from the TV! That's how dark it is!

And I say I'm afraid of the dark!
Eh now I can't sleep with the lights or TV on.
Oha! =P

Improving na ko! haha! Di na scaredy cat.
Before, I was only brave when I'm drunk, or a bit tipsy. Haha!
Well, I hope now hindi na. Drunk or not, dapat tapang pa rin! lol!

I should be ready coz sooner or later I would live alone na.
And I have to learn to live by myself..
Meaning, I should be matapang na..being in the dark, being alone...
Of course learn how to cook, clean, and all other house chores din. Haha!
Pero chaka na yun.. One step at a time lang. lol!

Sunday, March 19, 2006
title:{bombahin na natin ang OB. lol!}

As much as I hate Southville, there's this one school I hate more than anything. haha!
And I didn't even study there, ever.

OB Montessori (the one here in bfhomes, just beside Southville).

Everyone in my family hates it! Haha!
My mom and brother even talk about bombing the school or setting it on fire. lol! but of course that was just crazy talk! hahahaha!

Why do we hate that school so much? Hmmm..

Besides the fact that my brother used to study there, and my mom decided to pull him out in the middle of the school year coz of some incident in school. (for those of you who know, it's the scooter thing, and my mom thought that his friends in that school are Bad Influences). haha!

or that time when the teacher found out that their student stole like euros and dollars from his parents, they didn't even tell the parents. or put any sanction on the kid.
Yeah, cool for us students! hahahahaha!
But that shouldnt be the case, they're our teachers, our second mothers, they shouldnt be making "konsinte" the students.
Besides, I don't even go to school there, If I did, that would be a different case. lol! kidding =P

basta there's lots of reasons pa.

The time when my brother was still studying there,
At parent-teacher conferences, they would tell my mom that my brother's a really good kid, but his friends are influencing him lang. but without his friends they think luigi would do great.

...but then, when my mom decided to enroll Luigi to this other school in Las Piñas, they needed a recommendation letter from OB, my mom had to pay the remaining tuition fee just to get that recommendation letter.
Someone from that new school knew my aunt.
They told her that they won't accept my brother, and showed my aunt the recommendation letter.
Grabe daw!
Everything was so negative.
It stated there that my brother was below average
and that he ranked 20+ in a 25-student class
...And that was only from the first page of that letter.
They didn't show the second page to my Aunt anymore
I wonder what's stated there that was worse than what's in the first page.

Geesh! What was all the Parent-Teacher conferences before?
Chica lang? lol!

So where do they think Luigi can go with this recommendation letter they made?
or should i say "Non-recommendation" letter! lol!

I bet they're doing this for money.
I mean, if they lose a student, they lose 90 thousand pesos!
That's how expensive it is there, buti sana if you get your money's worth.

Well..only three options:
1. Stop school, forever.
2. Study in OB pa din, and take in all their fake smiles, fake chats, and their money sparkling eyes!
3. Search a school that doesn't require you to pass a recommendation letter (like yung mga kakilala) haha!

Hope we find an Option number 3! =P
coz number 1 is just BS.
and number 2 is just crazy.

Oh and one more thing...
OB Montessori in BF hates Southville so much.
They always comment on how the students in Southville are addicts.

I may hate Southville, but I love it much more than OB,
And FYI, Southville treats their students better than OB.
no plastikan, no fake smiles-they're honest and frank.
Sometimes I feel na mukhang pera din Southville,
But not as much as OB!
Walang tatalo dun!

And I just remembered something else...
You know Dr. Preciosa Soliven? --Is she the founder of OB ba?
Oh well, whatever..
Rumors say that Soliven had a statue of an angel done for the school at Greenhills which was patterned sa face niya.
*Ahem*Conceited-Psycho* Haha!

And also read this -- Seipsum Facit Persona

Wednesday, March 15, 2006
title:{Ranting about school.}

I hate my pc.
I hate my school.
I hate thesis.

Suddenly, I've become so Negative. It sucks!

My revised thesis is due on Thursday.
My prof even threatened me that he won't let me graduate this april if i don't pass it by thurs.
and guess what?
I replaced my Harddisk. so back to scratch yung PC ko.
The PC guy didn't install Microsoft Office. wala daw siyang cd nun.
so now, I can't edit my thesis properly.
And I have no idea about the statistical treatment.
and my Thesis adviser won't help me (which BTW that's supposed to be his job).

We have this Validation exam tomorrow at 9am. Oral pa ata. Sana hindi.
So i have to study on masscom theories and local current events regarding the media.
and I'm so not ready coz I've been occupied with my thesis prob.

I even forgot my blackshoes in jave's house awhile ago,
and I have to wear it tomorrow.
I hope Jave bring's it to school on time tomorrow.
coz I won't be allowed inside the campus.--and it's my validation exam.

I tried pala to install this microsoft office thingy, but the cd won't work.
All it did was made my pc hang. sucks!

Ok. another prob to rant about.
Anton said we have to pass the interview and pics from our internship on thursday also!
I haven't even finished my internship!
I would've finished it na sana, but I've been absent 3 times because of school stuff (VTR, Validation exams, Pictorial, etc.)
They should give me an extension or something. besides I would finish my internship in a few days na lang.

Oh yeah, one more thing..
I bumped into my prof today.
She was mad.
I thought it was about my thesis.
But no..
It was about my OJT.
I didn't expect it coz I was even proud when I told her I'll be done in a few days.
She asked, "Who endorsed you? Did i endorse you?!" (in a taray tone).
I said Sir Franco did.
And she just walked away.
(I mean, hello!, she was the one who recommended that I have my internship in Hinge, She told me to get a recommendation letter from sir franco and go to hinge to apply.
So I did! and I even asked sir franco if my prof should sign my recommendation letter.
He said "Hindi na, Ako na lang.")

Sorry for my Rantings.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006
title:{Men see me as desirable. lol!}

Men See You As Desirable

Men often find you immediately attractive and sensual
You're honesty is refreshingly beautiful ... it draws guys in
You are also able to be open with your feelings with no emotional baggage
Packing light means you enjoy new relationships easily
How Do Men See You?

Haha! lafftrip! =P

Sunday, March 12, 2006
title:{my yorkie's turning 3 tomorrow!}

It's my Yorkie's 3rd Bday tomorrow!!! or 21 years old when converted to human years i mean dog years. hay whatever.
Haha! same as my age! lol!
he's turning 21, and he's still haven't got any. Bwahahaha!
poor chaddy. lol!
It would be much appreciated if anyone can find chaddy a female yorkie to hump. lol!

Happy Birthday Chad! =)

Saturday, March 11, 2006
title:{iFamily - a family addicted to the internet.}

It was around 2pm.
I was posting something in the roller--rocker-tahong site...
..And my mom called to tell me it's time to eat lunch na!

Not thru cellphone.
Not thru landline.
Not even the usual "yelling" that she does.

But thru YM! as in call ah! not message! Haha!
And she was just outside. just behind my room's thin wall. Haha!

We're like an "iFamily"! lol! (ok i just invented a word lol. iFamily-A family addicted to the internet).

Want other proof that we're iFamily material? =P

There are three computers here in our house.
And this afternoon, My mom, my brother and I are all online! -chatting with our Ninang in Australia.

We panick everytime the server is down. lol! - or brownout. haha! (sabay sabay kami lalabas sa rooms namin, complaining.)

We hire a "PCguy" immediately to fix our pc when it's not working, and complain if it'll take more than a day to finish.

I send my school projects or thesis to my mom thru ym to have it printed.

My mom start hating rats so much coz binahayan nung rat yung pc ng mom ko! wahaha!

and dami pa! hahahaha!

title:{This name thing is freaky!}

Got this from Jayvee's blog.

Your name of Cara creates a desire for association with people and new experiences, many of which have been rather bitter. This name has given you a gregarious personality and a quick-thinking, creative, and versatile nature, but one that is very emotional. You desire change and travel and would enjoy opportunities that allowed you to be creative and to act independently, rather than to conform to system and routine. However, this name does not allow you to complete your undertakings, as farther fields always look greener.

While the name Cara creates the urge to create harmony with people, we call attention to the fact that it causes a restless intensity that defies relaxation. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the fluid systems, and solar plexus.


It really is me! galing! as in saktong sakto. freaky!

I took the simple test pa lang. what if I took the one with the last name pa?!

title:{roller rocker tahong}

I made a blog of Jave's Car. Haha!
Yes! A blog. lol!

It's so obvious that I'm addicted to blogs that I even made jave's car a blog!
Haha! Yes..I'm weird. Haha!

Actually, Jave wanted it, but he doesnt know how.
Heck, I even set-up his own blog! as in not the car one, but a personal blog. Haha!

soo.. check the "Roller Rocker Tahong" site. kk? =P

Thursday, March 09, 2006
title:{Jave and my brother?! haha!}

get this..
I haven't seen Jave since sunday...
...and now he's with my brother. lol!

as in pagkasundo nya sa brother ko I was still sleeping so I wasn't even able so say Hi or Goodmorning to him! hahahaha!

[edited three times most recently at 03.09.06 4:03pm]

And I texted him now asking where he was..
..And guess what?
HE'S AT MY PLACE. LOL! (and he'll leave na rin in awhile)
and I'm here at work. bwahahaha!

and now they're in jave's house.
as in with my brother pa din ah!
Is my brother proxy sakin for today? haha!
This is so BROKEBACK! LOL!

Monday, March 06, 2006
title:{I think I'm going crazy! Haha!}

Usually I prefer having alone time.
I actually love treating myself to a nice retaurant.
But lately, I hate it.
I've been having my internship in Hinge Media in Makati.
And I'm alone.
I eat alone, I walk alone--and I hate it.
In just two days, I already miss the company of my friends-- surprisingly fast for an introvert.
Napapanis na laway ko just by observing people around me. Haha!
Don't get me wrong, I so love observing people, i get to discover a lot!
-but not for two days, what more for two weeks!
I might go crazy! Haha!
Friends, Help me maintain the normal me..
Dine with me in Makati! =P

[edited one time at 5:15pm March 6, 2006]

It's bad that I had to eat alone today at lunch.
But what's worse is that my order took an hour to serve, and i just ordered sisig ricemeal and adobong kangkong!
My luncbreak's just an hour so I had to eat my meal fast.
My tongue got burnt and I didn't appreciate the food (coz I couldn't taste it anymore).
I barely touched my adobong kangkong, not that it didn't taste good--it was actually good, I just didn't have enough time to eat it.
I ended up returning to work 30mins late, though I don't think it mattered, it's just nakakahiya to the Hinge people.

Today's a sad and lonely day for me.
No calls or texts from Jave or anyone else, except for EC's usual nonstop quotes
which I couldn't reply to coz I'm saving up my load
plus the txtunlimited couldn't push thru--too bad for my quote sending trips.

At one of my breaks awhile ago, I saw a Revo (as same as Jave's) park in Mile Long.
I actually imagined Jave getting off that Revo with a big surprise smile on his face! Haha!
But of course he didn't.
Of course it wasn't him.
Just my imagination. Haha!
Told you I'm going crazy!
It's not too late you know..
I just need more interaction with people. Real people. Haha!
2 more hours to go and I'll be home from Makati.
Pray that I'll be home before this craziness consume me! Haha!

Thursday, March 02, 2006
title:{my grad speech. lol!}

I was the first enrollee of Southville College.
Yes, the very first.
And now I'll be graduating.
It feels like yesterday when eating somai sitting on grocery baskets in select
or a trike ride to poolshark to hangout used to be the in thing.
I was still a kid then,
the softspoken clueless girl with long hair,
the girl who was still blinded by fun and goodtimes,
an easygoing whiney girl living in a shallow dream world.
But after four years, a lot has changed.
Yes, I'm the same longhaired girl,
sometimes still softspoken but not anymore clueless.
I can surely say that I've matured, I've learned and I've become aware.
I've blossomed into a lovely butterfly.
I now cry less, appreciate more, love fully and embrace reality.
Southville taught me. Time molded me. Experience improved me.


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some fun/weird facts about me:
1.) I think i'm an Obssessive Compulsive person, or close to being one (but my room/stuff shows otherwise).
2.) I'm becoming claustrophobic (i think). coz i can't breathe when the MRT passes thru a tunnel
3.) I often sing "Love Me For A Reason" in the shower, i dunno why.
4.) For me, waking up at 11am is too early.
5.) And i only sleep before 3am when m not feeling well.
6.) I can't straight a glass of water or any kind of drink. Sip lang.
7.) So i can't down any tablets or capsules, except maybe those super tiny ones.
8.) I don't know how to ride the bike, lalo na to drive a car (but i would love to learn)
9.) I always wish i could teleport!
10.) I was addicted to coke (the drink ah), but now di na mashado.
11.) I imagine dirt floating in water when i drink it, thats why i prefer drinking juice instead
12.) I don't eat lechon, and i hate Mang Tomas.
13.) I hate suka!(the sawsawan).
14.) I'm allergic to chocolates! (not really allergic, but my throat itches sobra)
15.) When i was a kid, i used to make papak salt! yep, weird!
16.) I save the best for last

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