Wednesday, May 31, 2006

i was bored.

Thursday, May 25, 2006
title:{Somewhere Over The Rainbow}

Somewhere Over The Rainbow..

I remember my Lola (my Dad's mom) with this song.

She wrote down the lyrics and asked me to learn the song.

I miss her. :(

I got all teary-eyed kanina when Katherine McPhee (My favorite American Idol contestant) sang this on stage.
awww... :'(

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
title:{zerocash + boredom=myspace}

What do you do when you're bored and you don't have any money to leave your house?

Me?-- I edit my Myspace! lol!

I should get a life..
or at least get a job! bwahahahaha!

click here for my myspace

Friday, May 12, 2006
title:{My Bora and Iloilo Trip.}

May 3-10 2006.
With Jave, SonnyBoy, Pao, Mike, Vanessa, Tita Del and Tito Ding.

Tito Ding, Tita Del, Vanessa, Me, Sonny, Pao and Mike

SonnyBoy, Me and Jave

I don't know if I could make kwento 5 fun filled days into one blog post, but here it goes...

We didn't ride a plane straight to Caticlan or Kalibo, but to Iloilo.
Why? Well...
FIRST, coz the plane ticket was way cheaper.
SECOND, coz Jave and his family are chance passengers so there's a better chance for them to ride the plane there than in Kalibo.
and LAST, coz Iloilo is Jave's province, so we visited his relatives there too.

sunrise from the plane

Anyway, When we arrived Iloilo, we visited Jave's relatives for awhile then headed to Caticlan. Jave's Tito drove us to Caticlan! And it was a 6-hour ride!

We stayed in El Centro.
It's in Station 2. Near Regency.
The place was nice naman.

I actually forgot what we did first and what we did on each day.
There was no dull moment. Every minute, we were doing something.

We rode the Banana boat.
We even made it pataob!
And I hit my head on Jave's chest. Ouch!

We went Island Hopping!
Funny coz the locals pronounce it as "Aylan Hoping" Haha!
They even said "Sir, Aylan Hoping tayo bukas!" to Jave one time! haha!
We went Snorkeling, Went to Puka Island and Crystal Cave ba yun?

We drank in Cocomangas, Pier1 (twice), and Jony's, oh and almost in Hey Jude but we were too sleepy na coz we wake up early almost everymorning for the complimentary breakfast.

In Cocomangas, We drank the Illusion shaker. Sarap!
We drank 3 or 4 Shakers. I forgot! Haha!
oh and I bought one shaker that we used. (para may remembrance) Haha!
Jave and I danced pa! Oha! kaso parang puro Jologs yung sumasayaw that night eh. Hehe.

We danced with the jologs! Haha sama!

The illusion shaker.

In Pier1, The first time we drank there, we only had a beer or two.
We weren't feeling well kasi.
The second time was with Jade, Her Sister, Her cousin, Carlo and His friends.
It was fun. There were two guys dancing pa! Brokeback style! lol!
We were supposed to continue drinking in Hey Jude, but when we got there, inantok na kami. So nanuna na kami.

In Jony's naman, Jave and I had this "date". Haha!
Kasi kaming lang dalawa nun. And we drank sa may shore.
We ordered the bucket ng beer and chilli mushrooms! :)

Soky was in Bora din pala. We saw each other in Hey Jude and in Jonah's.

Jonah's Shakes--The best talaga!
Mango Milkshake the best! :P
I also tried the Choco-Banana-Vanilla Shake.
Sana may Jonah's dito sa bf. hehe:)

My Choco-Banana-Vanilla Shake

I think nagkaron ako fever when I was in Bora so I kept on drinking my medicine.
Grabe, our cottage was like a sick ward!
Everyone was sick!
Pero nothing can stop me from enjoying Boracay. :P

Ang dami pang nangyari..pero I won't make kwento na, haba na eh.

Anyway, balik na naman kami Iloilo. So 6 hours na Van ride ulit from Caticlan to Iloilo.
We went straight to the hotel pag dating sa Iloilo, pagod eh.
the next day, We went to Robinsons lang and visited Jave's relatives na naman.
Oh and punta pala kami always sa internet shop sa tabi ng hotel. Haha!
Me - to check my blog.
Jave, SB and the others - play DOTA! Hahaha!

Ayun. That was my Bora/Iloilo trip. :D

Monday, May 08, 2006
title:{I had to leave my paradise :(}

I am now in Iloilo.
No more Bora.

We stayed there for like 5 days and parang super bilis!
super bitin.

Now, I'm feeling sick pa. I think I have a fever.
Buti na lang I brought my medicine :)

More kwentos and pics when I get back to Manila. :)

Monday, May 01, 2006
title:{hours to go til our flight to bora.}

Well, mga 30 hours pa or something close to that.

sige na, make me asar na I'm excited and call me a loser..
It's my very first time to go to Bora. Hahaha!

Well, you gotta give me credit coz I haven't packed yet.
and that means I'm not TOO excited! haha!

We have to be in the airport 3 hours before the flight and our flight is at 5am!
so we have to be there like 2 or 3am?!
haha! woah! super early!
Tapos I usually sleep around 4 or 5am na!
Feeling ko I'll be super wasted during the trip! Haha!

We'll be back sa May9 or 10 :)
but we'll drop by Iloilo muna before we head back to Manila :)

Watch out for more beach pics when we get back :-D


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